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Shape up your body and stay fit with cable squats

Regular fitness training and workouts can shape the body in the desired form and allows having good physique and health. Some people run a few miles, some go for swimming, and many others play some outdoor games to keep themselves fit.  Again, everyone can’t get involved in these types of activities, and many prefer to hit the gym or do some physical exercise sessions at home. One can do the aerobics, weight training, bodybuilding and many other Cable exercises to keep themselves fit of shape up their body. However, as one does the fitness session, there are various exercises to get the perfect body shape in particular regions.   If one is thinking to have a unique form for the lower part of the body particularly below the hips and around the thighs and the calves, then squatting is one of the best exercises to practice regularly. Before proceeding further, one should know a bit about squatting.

Types of squatting exercises

Since squatting is a functional exercise, it helps the body to stay fit and strengthen the muscles and lose the extra weight. They can be done following various methods. One can try the basic techniques, the wall squats, side squat, pistol squat, single-leg squat, pile squat and many more. These types of squat do not require any equipment. Again there is some squatting exercise that needs some stuff, and they can be the yoga ball, the dumbbell, the barbell or the wire rope and many others. These types of squatting exercises with equipment serve some specific purpose or to move with the workout to the next levels to stay fit as a fiddle and perfectly shaped. One of the best methods is cable squats with rope. However, before trying any physical exercise one should know about them in details, the process and the benefits, the difference between other types and many more that relates to cable squats bodybuilding.

How to Do a Cable Squat

If you are wondering about the techniques of cable squats, it is time to gather some knowledge about them before you start your fitness session or you may end up with wrong methods and your tricep workouts sessions will be a mess and can give adverse results. Therefore, it is always best to learn the tips and tricks of how to do a Cable Squat exercise and proceed accordingly. In this squatting, a wire rope or a cable as the name suggests is required. One end of the cable or the cord is fastened with a cable station or a hook, and the other end is tied to one or two handles. The person should hold the cable handles in both hands and stand upright. The distance from the machine should be such that the slack or the cable is tight, and the back of the person is straight. With this initial set up and position, it is time to start the training process. The hands should be straight and at the height of chest level. It is time to slowly bend the knees, drive the hips back while keeping the chest upright. One should stand back up while pulling the handles and leading the elbows. It is time to tighten the back muscles and again return to the initial position holding the handles of the cables and keeping them tight. Keep the knees aligned. As you return to the initial position, squeeze the glute muscles. Repeat this process over some time or as per your fitness schedule advised by your fitness trainer. This type of squatting exercise helps to shape up your middle back, quadriceps, lats, abs, calves, biceps, hamstrings and overall body fitness. It also helps to have an excellent digestive system.

Cable squats at home

Cable squats at home can be done easily, as no specialized machines or equipment except the cable machine is needed. One can even fasten one end of the wire rope to a hook drilled in the wall and holding the other ends with the handlebars and follow the method without any hitches. Make sure to dig the hook deep enough inside the wall to withstand the force while the rope is under tension. Do not put extra pressure while trying to do this exercise; else there is a possibility of hurting the knees.

  • While doing the squats at home, hold the cable handle with both hands and stay upright at around a distance of two feet from the weight stack.
  • Bend your knees so that your torso is tilted by about ten to fifteen inches.
  • Your abs should be tight while you are at this position, and the butt muscles touch the ankles.
  • Now slowly stretch the legs forward while resisting the cable track. Come back to the initial position opposing the cable.
  • One should breathe out while kicking back and breathe in a while returning to the starting position.
  • Repeat the steps as long as you wish r as per your training schedule.

The benefits of cable squats

Any type of squatting is beneficial to health, provided the body permits to do the exercises. However, cable squats benefits are rather straightforward as they do not require any additional equipment like the barbell, dumbbell or any other weight-lifting equipment. It only needs the cable machine. With cable squats, one can strengthen the muscles, glutes and improve the hips, legs and the thighs. The glute muscles on the buttocks are the strongest in the body and can enhance the movement of the hips and the highs as they are connected to the coccyx and other surrounding bones.

  • Losing weight – Though the primary purpose of cable squat is to increase the strength of limbs, one can lose the undesired weight while doing the exercise and burning the calories. Many people are taking the 30 days squatting challenge to lose weight and be slim and trim.
  • Improves movement– Many people suffer from back pain and has difficulty in their movements. Cable squats muscles worked much better as it strengthens the glute muscles and muscles in the leg, making them strong to walk for miles without any pain. This exercise helps to improve the abdomen as well as stabilize the muscles.
  • Toning up the hips and buttocks – As one des this exercise regularly, the buttocks and the hips get toned up. The muscles in that region become more robust, the extra pounds in those areas are shed, and the area becomes toned and firm giving a perfect shape.
  • Preventing Injury – If one is involved in any types of physical sports, the muscles often weaken due to overwork or injury. With this type of squatting exercise, one can easily strengthen the muscles and save themselves from the injuries and participate in any activity sports with greater comfort and confidence.
  • Helps to have right posture – Since the lower as well as the upper back is involved in doing this exercise, the muscles in these region tones up and helps to have a right posture and give relief from any postural pain. It is even helpful for people who spend long hours on their desk in front of their computers and other gadgets.
  • Increases bone density – As one does the cable squats, it is not only the muscles or the hips and the thighs that toned up, but the bone density also increases. Increasing bone density is one of the primary goals of bodybuilders.

Cable squats for glutes

Everybody wants to have beautifully shaped but firm buttocks, particularly women. With few exercises that can help and be effective, it becomes difficult to achieve the desired results. Taking the advice of a professional is an expensive affair, and not everyone can foot the bills. So what is the best remedy? Well, it is doing cable squats for glutes that can activate the muscles in the area, shed off the extra kilos and tone the area to give a good look.  There are three sets of muscles in the butt region, and all of them can be toned up to provide a perfect shape and movement of the buttocks doing cable squats. If the squatting is done following the right process, one can have firm and beautiful buttocks within a short period. Ding the exercise for around 20 minutes for some months can give the desired result.

Cable squats with bar

Many people try to build their quadriceps with some extra effort. For them, cable squats with bar will help to achieve that target. It not only strengthens the quadriceps but also improves the digestive system, stabilizes the rectus abdominis or the abs. One needs to adjust the machine pulleys to the lowest levels and then kneel under the bar. Holding the bar thing both hands and sitting in a squat position one gradually stand up and then again return to the squat position. Keep in mind that one should descend to a position when the thighs are parallel to the floor and then again stand up till the legs are straight. The process should be repeated as per the training schedule.

Cable Squats Vs Barbell Squats

As already hinted, one can do various types of squatting exercises, and each has its pros and cons. However, simple cable squats are the safest process and can be mastered within a few days to get the desired results. Many people want to put some extra effort and do barbell squats. Let’s imply the differentiation between Cable squats vs barbell squats.

  • In barbell squats, one lifts more weight while squatting to burn out the extra calories or to develop the muscles. Whereas in cable one exerts continual tensions in the muscles, and it gives excellent results.
  • The leaning-curve is low in the barbell squat whereas in the cable crossover one can lean to the point when the knees are parallel to the floor, and the body is leaned 15 inches in front. The muscles in the hips and the butt and the knees tones up more.
  • The risk of injury is more in barbell squats as weight imbalances due to wrong placement of grips often occur and cause imbalance and accidents. Although, this is completely negated, and the risk of injury is less in cable squats, often overdoing the exercise can harm the knees.
  • There is no need for a trainer or a spotter while doing the cable squats. However, a spotter is a must to avoid accidents while doing the barbell squats, and this adds to the expenses.
  • Cable squats provide more variety of exercises, tones up the lagging muscles; gives stress to the hip muscles, and each muscle can be isolated to tighten up separately. In the case of barbell squats, the main focus is to look as strong as possible, build the biceps and usually done by the weight lifters and bodybuilders. They require extensive training and the attention of a spotter to avoid accidents.


With the growth of technology and change in lifestyle, people are getting less time to take part in outdoor sports activities. Life today is centered on work and cozy corners of the home. People are therefore putting up weight, losing their muscle tone and adding weight in their hips and the butts. With performing a simple exercise like the cable squat one can improve the physical fitness considerably. It can be done visiting a gym or can be done at home. It is time to strengthen your knees, shape up your buttocks and the hips, tone up the muscles to look attractive and move freely. Cable squatting exercises can reduce the back pain in any to a considerable level and helps to have an excellent digestive system. It is time to strengthen your knees, shape up your buttocks and the hips, tone up the muscles to look attractive and move freely. Cable squatting exercises can reduce the back pain in any to a considerable level and helps to have an excellent digestive system. A 15 to a 20-minute session of this type of exercise can keep one fit as a fiddle.