Enhance the workout and your body shapes with cable exercise


If you are a person who is regularly visiting the gym, then you must be familiar with the cable machines. The cable machine is an equipment for exercise, which you can find in many gyms and the training centers for athletic. It is large equipment that has adjustable pulleys. The cables allow you to perform the various cable exercises in different directions. Some cable machines have one or two cable stations while some have multiple cables.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of cable exercise and how it will be useful for our chest, back, shoulders, and all. Here we will also discuss the effectiveness of cable exercise and how you can perform it safely. Here we will provide you the tips which you can follow the next time when you visit your gym. So, let’s start exploring the various features of this exercise.

Introduction of Cable exercise

If you want to exercise in a different range of motion, then you should include the cable machine exercise in your workout. Using cable exercise, you can increase your body strength. It is known as a great workout because it provides many benefits. If you are a beginner, then you think it is a typical weightlifting machine, but people who are experts in this know that it provides you the freedom to move. Here you can choose the motion of your exercise and can move the way you want.

The equipment is safe for beginners. There is less chance of getting injured with this machine. It allows you to perform the different variations of the exercise. It is easy to perform exercise with this machine. Using the different types of handles, you can do any exercise without having any safety issues. In the further section, we will describe the cable exercise for different body parts, which will be helpful for the beginners.

Are cable machine is good for the workout?

Most of the people searching about “are cable exercises effective?” According to the experts, the cable machine is trendy and classic equipment, which is popular among the people who are fitness freak. There are plenty of people who are curious to know why it is so popular and why I should try this.

Cable machines are a steel frame where the weight stacks are attached to the cable. Some machines are specially designed for pushing and pulling exercise, while others are designed to provide multiple solutions. It is a one-stop solution for your muscle growth.

Things which you get from cable machines


The cable machines help you to activate your muscles. Here you have to do this exercise by standing, and that’s why it allows you to isolate your targeted muscles. It will help to isolate your abs, lower back, and hips. When you are working out for the upper ack muscle, then you will also get benefitted.

2.Constant tension:

When you lift up and lower the weight through cable machines, it provides constant tension. The growth in muscle and your body strength depends upon this. The cable machine helps you to provide faster results. It makes your muscles stronger, and that’s it is used by many athletes.


With a cable machine, you can move more freely. With this, you can squat, push, pull, and can try bending and twisting exercise easily. It is a functional form of exercise where you can stretch your legs. With this, you can improve your balance.

4.Variety of exercise with one machine:

When you are familiar with this machine, then you will notice that with a single machine, you can try a variety of exercises. Here you can work out for your upper and lower body simultaneously.

The reasons which force you to include cable exercises in your workout

There are many things that force you to incorporate the cable machines into your daily routine. You can do cable exercises at home with cable machine also if you are familiar with this.

1. Tough muscles:

If you are looking to use a weight machine to make a strong muscle in your gym, you should try a cable machine. Most of the experts said that it could grow your muscles more than you think. It provides you a complete satisfaction within a short time. With this, you can get a better understanding of coordination and balancing.

2. Safe & secure:

Most people are worried about the injuries they may have from the heavy gym equipment. According to the experts, most of the injuries come from the barbells and dumbbells. But if we talk about the cable machines, then here you don’t have to worry about the injuries. It is easy to use, and it keeps you away from the injuries. These machines are smooth, so there is less chance to get hurt with this machine.

3. Relax your mind:

Everyone is busy in their jobs, and that’s why they don’t have enough time to visit gyms for cable exercises for biceps. But you can do these exercises at your home also. This is a machine that you can use for different workouts. It means you don’t have to purchase a bunch of machines at your home or gym centers. With this, you can relax your mind and body.

4. Save your time & space:

As discussed earlier, it is a machine where you can perform different exercises. So, you can save your space by purchasing unnecessary gym equipment. Along with that, you can also save your time. Here you can quickly switch one exercise to next. You don’t have to wait for the other equipment until someone leaves it for you.

How to use cable machines for different exercises?

1. Cable exercise for the upper body:

If you want to do exercise for your upper body part, then you can try for standing shoulder press & cable chest fly. To do cable exercises for chest first, you have to stand between the cables and handle them slightly. Now you have to grip a handle with each hand and then take one foot forward. Slightly bend your elbows and bring the handles together and meets in the center by using forcing your chest muscles. Keep this position for few times and then slightly return to the normal position. Try this for 4 to 5 times if you are a beginner.

2. Cable workouts for abs:

Here, you can keep your abdominal muscles strong with constant tension. This is a quick and easy way for great stability during your workout. You have to try the Wood Chop method to do cable exercises for abs. For this, you have to stand to the side of a cable machine and hold the handles with both hands. Now pull the handle down across your body. You have to extend your arms fully during the exercise. Keep pulling to the opposite side where you stand and then pause your position and slowly get back to your normal position. Repeat this exercise as much as possible.

3. Cable workouts for back:

If you want a stronger and wider back, you should regularly try the cable exercise. You have to engage a lot of muscles in your body to get a better back. There are a variety of back exercises which you can try with cable machines. With this, you can target your upper back and lower back with upper mid-portion of the back, etc. You can include a v-bar pulldown for your workout in cable exercises for back.

Other than this, you can try the close-grip lat pull-down also. In this, your hands should be closer to your shoulder width and pull the barbell down with your hands towards the chest. Now keep this position for a few seconds and then go back to the starting position.

There are many other exercises that you can try with the cable machine for getting a wider back such as Close grip lat pull-down, face pull and reverse lat pull-downs, etc.

4. Cable workout for shoulder:

If you want to get a bigger shoulder, then try the cable exercises for shoulders. There are few methods which you can try, such as straight arm pull down. To perform this exercise, you have to stand in front of the machine by holding the bars. Now pull down the bars smoothly to your thighs and then return to your normal position. You can also try some other methods, which include reverse cable fly, cable face pull, etc.

5. Cable workouts for core:

With a cable machine, you can try a wide variety of core exercises. This is possible because of the adjustable height and the ability to work from all angles. Many youngsters are searching for cable exercises for the core. For those people, stiff-arm pull-down and cable push-pull is the best option.

6. Cable exercise for legs:

A cable machine is a machine that provides endless opportunities for cable exercises for triceps and different body parts. If you want to work with your legs, then you can also try this machine for squats. You can also try cable pull-throughs and Deadlifts with this. These are some common Cable exercises for legs, which is mostly done by the people in gyms.

Safety tips which you should follow during the workout using cable machines

1. Workout in free space:

To perform a cable workout or cable exercise, you have to choose a free or large space. This machine takes a large space, which you need to move freely during the workout.

2. Choose assistance:

If you are not familiar with this machine, you should choose an experienced professional who can help you. Try to call an assistant or a trainer who can teach you how to move or perform the various exercises. If you perform a wrong exercise, then you will get injured, so call a trainer first.

3. Check the machine:

Before performing the exercise, you should check for the damages that maybe there. Check the cables and attachments before using the machine. If there is any damage, then call the staff members.

4. Be comfortable:

While performing an exercise, choose a weight that is comfortable for you. Don’t overexert yourself. If you find any issue or feel uncomfortable during your workout, then inform your trainer.

5. Don’t try some DIY:

Don’t try some DIY with the machine. Try to avoid adding the plates or other things in it. Use the handles and attachments which are designed in a cable machine.

By following the above points, you can complete your workout safely. If you are a beginner, then always try to perform the workouts in front of your trainer and learn how do you use exercise cables? Once you get familiar with this, then you can do this yourself.

Three things which you should adjust during your workout in cable machines

1. The weight stack:

Different people perform with different levels of weights. So, you have to choose the level of weight which you can lift. It depends on you and your comfortability. Start to the low weights, and after that, you can add the weights. Don’t try to add some extra weights by thinking that you can handle this. This can be dangerous for you.

2. The height of the handle:

You have to adjust the height of your handle also. You have to keep the height low when you have to lift the weight up and keep it high when performing the pull-down exercise. If you want to do chest fly and shoulder rotation, you can keep this in the mid-level.

3. Choose your handle:

Here, you can also choose your handle and attachments of different kinds. You can use anyone for any of the exercises. Pick one of them and attach this with the hook. You can also try different angles for a better experience.


For the beginner’s weight machines are good while most of the experienced needs free weights, but the cable cross is something which is good for both. It is good for everyone. If you want to get a better experience using a single machine, then you can choose this.



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