Cable Machine Exercises for Abs

cable exercises for abs

Forget sit-ups, the cable system is a fantastic sidekick from the pursuit to get a six-pack. Our guide to cable system drills is packed with tips on How Best to Use the continuous resistance of a cable and can be divided into three segments:

Beginner: Primarily you will learn more about the advantages of crunching with wire pressure overhead, followed closely by 2 torso-twisting exercises which are aided by controlled arm movements to target both abs as well as the obliques.

Intermediate: Now it is time to strike unique parts of the gut to optimize effects. These exercises include an updated cable crunch whilst lying on your back, a reverse crunch targeting the lower abdomen, and also a one-arm cable crunch to get a maximum contraction.

Advanced: That is where champions are created. Beginning with a tried and trusted way, the judo throw, you will then move on a double-tension cable transplant crunch to goal the whole abdominal region. Including a gym to instability maximizes core power and stability together with the cable leg lift, before placing the chest under continuous tension using the cable woodchop. 

Either utilize them as a finisher, choosing a couple of biking and moves between those with minimal rest in between, or during a session using them at a superset involving sets of larger compound cable exercises for abs. The outcome will be a more powerful, more secure heart prepared for action in and outside of your gym.

Cable Squats

Cable Machine Exercises

High cable crunch

Employing a top wire, kneel and hold the grip from the mind. Tense your cable exercises for abs and then curl down your shoulders, keeping your hands at precisely the same area by your mind. Pause at the base of the play, then grow back to the start.

One-arm row

Stand at a split position, holding a very low cable at the opposite hand into the front leg. Twist your torso away from the device and then bring the cable in your side.

One-arm press

Adopt a split posture facing away from the device, holding a top cable squats on your shoulder at the opposite hand into the front leg. Twist your chest and press out the cable before the body.

Intermediate Cable Machine Exercises

Low cable crunch

Lay on the floor with your toes furthest away in the device, holding a very low cable in the hands-on your forehead. Lift your shoulders off the ground, pause for a minute, then lower again.

Cable reverse crunch

Lie on your back with your toes towards the device and set a very low cable to manage around your ankles. Hold up your legs so that your thighs are perpendicular and knees are flexed at 90°. Curl your hips off the ground, then lower them gradually.

One-arm cross crunch

Kneel in front of this device, holding a top cable in one hand before your face. Curl your shoulders towards your knees without even letting your body twist into the side.

Advanced Cable Machine Exercises

Judo throw

Stand side-on into the device in a wide position. Hold a top cable in the hands-on the side of one that is closest to the machine. Twist your body from the machine and then pull on the cable on your shoulder, then crunch forward, yanking down the cable.

Cable tuck crunch

Lie down between 2 wires, holding one grip in the hands by your mind and with another round your ankles. Your knees and elbows should be flexed at 90°.

Gym ball cable leg raise

Sit back on a gym with a very low cable manage around your toes. Grab a rod supporting your head for equilibrium and stretch your legs towards your machine. Lift your legs while attempting to make sure your chest remains as still as you can on the chunk.

High cable woodchop

Stand side-on into the device, holding a top cable out to both sides in the hands with your chest turned in the direction of the machine. Twist your chest and draw down the cable and across the body, keeping your spine straight and center tensed throughout.


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