Pro Tips for High Cable Row

High Cable Row

High cable rows are used for make you fit and develop the muscles of the back and the forearms. High cable row is a great back exercise. Cable rows are good for rhomboids, latissimus dosri and trapezuis and secondary muscles. A body get complete workout in high cable row exercise, because cable machine pull the muscles in both directions, eccentrically and concentrically. You have to lift the weight in the concentric motion, and the weight pulls you actively down on the eccentric side.

When you start the exercise with high cable crossover row, you have to attach with two handles at the top of any sort of cable machine. You have to go one step back by making sure that the tension stays there one foot in front of the others. Make sure that you have grip on your balance and rotate chest slightly, spread your hands as you come back, squeeze your shoulder blades and let it forward.

There are many kinds of high cable rows so must apply them into your routine to achieve your faster goals.

Seated high cable row

According to the American council on exercise, seated rows stress the rhomboids and trapizues muscles. For developing middle back and arm work, seated high row cable is an outstanding compound exercise. Seated cable row performed on a horizontal cable machine with V bar, bench and foot plates and grasp the cable attachment.

For starting seated row exercise, sit on the chair and make sure that you have a neutral grip where the palms of your hands facing to get into the starting position.

Sit down on the machine and place your feet on the front platform or cross bar.

Your knees should slightly bend and not locked lean.

Keep the natural alignment of your back and grab the V bar handles with your arms extended pull back.

Your back should be slightly rounded in your chest and you should be squeezing your back muscles.

Strong holds on the contraction for a second and slowly goes back to the original position.

Take breath and repeat the exercise for the desired number of repetition.

Faults in high cable row exercise

Avoid from these common mistakes while you are doing seated cable row exercise.

Don’t bent your back. Sit straight at all times.

You should use your arms for moving rather than moving your torso.

Make sure that your weight is perfect for doing this high cable row exercise. Because heavy weight will harm your body

Avoid full range of motion

Mostly people do not get a flow range of motion and don’t have proper elongated arm. They work according their thinking’s. But this is a huge mistake. So, at the starting point full range of motioning is not good.

Don’t use back throughout the motion

Full range of motion is a mistake because so many people use their back and weight of their torso pulls that weight for them. When they get their weight and go throw back and also try to throw their hips forward waves. That back way and kind of collapse is a wrong spot.

People should pull rope by using their rhomboids. Their lats and traps to really pull that weight and work on the contraption.

Letting the shoulders fall forwards is also a wrong way.

Arm high cable row

Arm high cable row target the rhomboid muscle of your back. Arm high row also works for the forearm muscles and the upper arm muscles. Biceps and the triceps are two main muscles in front and back into your upper arm. Both of these are the opposite functioning muscle groups, therefore, they required different types of exercise for strength training.

So, biceps and the triceps are the dynamic stabilizers for arm high cable row exercise. Other stabilizing muscles for this exercise are hamstrings and gluteus maximizes. Hamstrings and gluteus work for to extend the hip. These muscles are active in bridge variations, dead lifts, step-ups and running and high cable row exercise.

  • For arm high cable row exercise, set up a cable system with the cable machine slightly above the level of the head
  • Stand in a lunge position with the left foot in front of the right
  • Your body weight should be on the front leg with the knee bent about 45 degrees
  • With the right arm extended out in front
  • Begin the movement pulling the cable bending at the elbow straight back towards the trunk while maintaining a neutral spine
  • Avoid shrugging the shoulders or arching the back during the movement

Common mistakes for high cable row

There are common mistakes when doing the cable row.

  • Don’t use much heavy which you cannot handle

You want to overload your muscles with an exercise like Rho. It is a big compound where you are going to be working different muscles group. You want to make sure that you are going to heavy depending on what you have exact goal. If you are going for strength, you want to go low reps, high weight. But you should never go too heavy which you can’t handle.

In this way, you will not get all the way back because you can’t control all the way back. So, if you are not going all the way back to that peak contraction that’s how you shorten the muscle as much as possible.

  • Stop creating momentum

Momentum gains strength with each repetition. People use momentum to get the weight moving means the muscles don’t need to be fully activated. Moving the weight through the full range of motion exercise is cheating.

Stop creating momentum whether it’s with your legs or with your low back. Start really being strict on the muscles that you are actually using to start that movement that get it all the way through to the top of contraction

  • Stop pulling into your chest

High cable row is a back exercise. When you pull attachment into your chest, you get a lot of elbow flexion. You are bending your elbows, and it effects on your biceps.

Try to keep your arms straight because it’s a back exercise. and share your thoughts on cable squats workout as well.


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